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Healthy Cooking Fundamentals
This is where the fun begins! When you acquire any new skill, learning the fundamentals is the key to understanding the more complicated methods that will follow so in this session we will touch on several different cooking methods you can use every day right from the start. You’ll make a basic soup, a few vinaigrettes, a batch of steel cut oatmeal as well as a classic roast chicken and vegetables. It is in this session where you’ll also learn the very important aspects sanitation, organization and batch cooking; skills you will use to make your time in the kitchen much more streamlined so you can spend less time cooking and more time living!

A High Speed Healthy Breakfast
The most important and my favorite meal of the day! Making a healthy breakfast every day is a challenge for even the most skilled chef so here you’ll learn how to make healthy versions of some classic breakfast items to make your morning routine that much easier. Imagine having batches of muffins, pancakes and freshly made hot cereal on hand to pop in the microwave ready to enjoy in just 5 minutes! You’ll even learn how to throw together a high protein, high fiber omelet that will fill you up and get your metabolism singing all morning long. With a few techniques and some tips I’ve acquired over the years, breakfast will become the power source you need to keep you firing on all cylinders!

To Grill or To Barbecue, That is the question!
To many, these terms are interchangeable, but as you will soon learn, grilling is simply the act of cooking with fire from below; whereas barbecue represents a long slow cooking process that when done correctly, melts away unwanted fat and adds an unmistakable flavor that only slow cooking over coals can bring. In this session we’ll not just grill a quick and easy meal to show you infinite combinations of goodness but we’ll also put together a classic barbecue style meal with a few of my tried and true healthy versions of some classic side dishes.

Sautéing, Stir-frying & Pan-Frying Oh My…
Yes, I said it, Pan-Frying! If you’ve been following along you know there is a method to the madness, and I’m here to tell you that if you do it correctly, pan-frying can be just as healthy a way to cook as is sautéing and stir-frying. We’ll be making everything from a quick and easy stir-fry, to sautéed turkey medallions with a pan jus as well as classic pan-fried pork chops or chicken cutlets. Remember, it isn’t the ingredients that matter here; it is the technique we’ll be focusing on so we can easily substitute any protein you like for any of the dishes we’ll be making.

Broiling and Steaming Your Way Healthy!
Typically when you learn how to cook at culinary school, they keep certain methods together, dry heat cooking on one day and moist heat cooking the next, but you’re not learning how to be a chef, you’re learning how to make quick, easy, healthy meals so in this case, opposites do attract. Whether we are broiling an orange glazed salmon filet or pan steaming some fresh green beans almandine, adding these techniques to your arsenal is a must and will put you on the fast track to living that healthy lifestyle.

Braising, Stewing and a Crock Pot Solution
I know what you’re thinking… Who has time to braise a pot roast? Or maybe you’re thinking… You braise a pot roast? Well, the answer to both questions is “You do!” The method for both braising and stewing are very similar so we’ll cover them both to make your life that much easier in learning and living. Have a hectic day coming up? I’ll show you how you can get it started and ready for an all day crock pot cooking session while you’re at work. Maybe you’re making some chili for the game or chicken cacciatore for Sunday dinner, either way I’ll cover everything you need to know to make the healthiest, most satisfying meal you’ve ever had.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Roast!
Whenever I used to go to a high end restaurant, most of my friends would seem to get the most elaborate dish on the menu whereas I would get the simple roasted item… Whether it was chicken, a whole fish or a perfectly roasted sirloin, there is something about a perfectly roasted item that allows a true chef to show off their skill. For those of us after less elegant and healthier fare, there isn’t anything simpler than roasting an entire meal in one pan. I’ll show you how to get that perfect crisp and juicy end result from not just your protein but an array of vegetables you never thought could taste so good.

Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking for Carnivores
For decades I was a dedicated carnivore. I loved it all… chicken, beef, duck, you name it and I would try it. I always used to think, “What type of chef doesn’t eat meat?” Well as with all things in life, times change and horizons broaden so today I am proud to say that after being a pescatarian for 2 years, I made the transition to veganism in September, 2015. With that personal growth, I’ve developed some of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever had and all without any animal products at all! I’ll show you how we can again, revamp some of the classic dishes we all know and love into vegan and vegetarian delights, plus explore the wonders of ancient grains that have kept people healthy for centuries. There is a whole world of meatless options out there that I am passionate about sharing with you so don’t be surprised if this becomes your favorite lesson of them all!

For the Love of Dessert – Part I
If you’ve read the about me page, you know this is truly where my heart lies and where my passion for cooking started. I’ll be the first to spout the mantra “everything in moderation” but with a few tricks I developed in the health club industry I will show you how to make all the decadence you can stand while keeping those painful regrets at bay. As you can imagine, the possibilities are indeed endless when it comes to dessert so part 1 will begin with the basics. I’ll teach you about low glycemic sweeteners and heart health fat substitutions, and how we can tweak the classics like cookies, brownies, pies and tarts so you can have your cake and eat it too.

For the Love of Dessert – Part II
At culinary school, they separate baking and pastries into two separate groups but when it comes to cooking healthy, there is a lot more crossover with technique that will not just expand your repertoire but make this the most enjoyable class of all. We’ll expand on the techniques you’ve learned in part 1 by diving into individual desserts, healthy cakes as well as quick and easy last minute desserts you can throw together that will deliver like you’ve been at the helm of a mixer all day long.

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