As important as fitness training is to a healthy lifestyle, most in the industry will agree that what and how you eat is as much as 80% of the equation. I will always recommend a client visit their physician and a dietitian or nutritionist prior to making any dramatic change to their lifestyle but as important as that is, these professionals can only provide you the guidelines you should follow when it comes to your diet… Putting them into practice is another matter entirely!

When I went to culinary school, the first thing my chef told us was that cooking or learning how to cook, has absolutely nothing to do with recipes… A quick look around the room told me that everyone was just as bewildered by that comment as I was. Once the shock of this new revelation wore off, he proceeded to explain that cooking is about “technique,” and recipes are about “ingredients.” Once you learn the technique of “braising” for example, you now have the skill necessary to make very different dishes such as Yankee Pot Roast, Chicken Cacciatore, Beef Short Ribs and Coq au Vin just to name a few. Since the technique for making these dishes is exactly the same, the ingredients are really not that important. This concept approach is true for all cooking methods and is the premise for what I will teach you… Once you learn the technique, the recipes are only as limited as your imagination and it is your imagination that is going to put those dietary recommendations into practice!

The idea is to make this fun so I’ve categorized the culinary training sessions by cooking principals and techniques so pick and choose what you would like to learn from the list below based on what interests you most. There are however, essential skills that you will need to know for each of the sessions to follow so they will all be covered in the initial “Healthy Cooking Fundamentals” Session. But not to worry, it is your first session where you will learn how much fun cooking really is!


Your Diet and Its Potential Impact on Your Health!

Culinary Sessions

I recommend that you follow the sessions in order since many of the techniques you will learn build upon the next, but feel free to choose whichever interests you most. Chefs famous for adapting so I’ll be more than happy to customize a program just for you.
Click this link: Culinary Session Descriptions to read details about each of the sessions to the right and how they will change the way you cook and eat for the rest of your life!

  • Healthy Cooking Fundamentals
  • A High Speed Healthy Breakfast
  • To Grill or To Barbecue, That is the question!
  • Sautéing, Stir-frying & Pan-Frying Oh My…
  • Broiling and Steaming Your Way Healthy!
  • Braising, Stewing and a Crock Pot Solution
  • Who Doesn’t Love a Good Roast!
  • Vegetarian Cooking for Carnivores
  • For the Love of Dessert – Part I
  • For the Love of Dessert – Part II

Culinary Training

Culinary Sessions are approximately 3 hours in length

“Healthy Cooking Fundamentals” is required for all new clients and can be included in the packages below.

*Culinary Training Rates do not include the cost of food, but detailed ingredient lists will be provided upon sign-up based on sessions purchased.

Are you looking for a more Comprehensive Approach?
Combine both Fitness and Culinary Training into Lifestyle Training!

Make it a Group!
Add another individual to any culinary training session for only $50/person/session.

Download PDF Rate Schedule

Culinary Training

6 Session Training Package ($150 / session)

$900.00     Best Value!

4 Session Training Package ($160 / session)


2 Session Training Package ($170 / session)


Individual Session


Lifestyle Training

6 Culinary Sessions & 12 Fitness Sessions

$1,325.00     Best Value!

4 Culinary Sessions & 12 Fitness Sessions


3 Culinary Sessions & 6 Fitness Sessions


2 Culinary Sessions & 6 Fitness Sessions


1 Culinary Session & 1 Fitness Session


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